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Not sure where to go for a single-source of truth? Lacking the tools and training to get the reports you need? You’re not alone. Nearly every organization needs to employ data-driven decision making, but they lack the tools, resources, and expertise to do so. Our Smart Data team can equip you with the BI and Reporting capabilities needed to gain insights into customer behavior, improve visibility,  and turn data into actionable information.

BI & Reporting Capabilities

  • Self-Serve Dashboards & Training
  • Metrics & KPI Standardization
  • Report Rationalization
  • Report Outsourcing
  • Data Catalog and Data Cube Architecture
  • BI Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Reporting, Dashboard, and Scorecard Development
  • OLAPs and Ad Hoc Query
  • Automated Monitoring/Alerting and Exception Handling

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