New Tech Leaders

Our client, an international manufacturing conglomerate with operations in more than 65 countries, had two primary needs:
1) Consulting support for a global SAP implementation, and;

2) Development of the next generation of IT and Business leaders, particularly from resources not traditionally engaged in IT, including women in STEM careers.

Through a close partnership over 6 years, we jointly crafted a series of solutions that combine our Talent, Training, and Advice through Boom Lab, our emerging talent division.
We implemented a custom recruiting model to identify candidates most likely to succeed in a fast-paced project environment. This included availability to work nights and weekends, as well as foreign travel and language experience.
Specific training for key SAP modules was built in to our 2-week training camp, and additional education was added for key roles like Trainers, Quality Analysts, and Release Managers.
We designed a right-to-hire program, including contract changes that allowed for permanent job offers to come as early as one year after the start of an assignment. As a result, dozens of consultants have accepted full-time offers, many of whom are already in leadership positions at the client.

The Problems

1. Over-Procurement: Senior people doing junior work meant dissatisfaction and out-of-control costs.
2. Long-standing reliance on global Big 5 firms kept bill rates at almost $200/hr.
3. No recruitment for key junior IT roles. No local junior IT talent.
4. Minimal succession planning and recruiting resulted in a lack of internal IT future leaders.

The Solutions

1. We identified key junior-level tasks and restructured roles and responsibilities so senior people could focus on senior work. Job satisfaction soared.

2. Focus on junior resources and a balanced pyramid brought blended rates down by over $65/hour in most cases. Over time, project savings rose to millions of dollars.

3. IT-specific recruiting plan added three new undergrad programs to our recruitment reach. That, plus customized training in core IT competencies, ensured that the client would have a wide variety of talent available for years to come. Joint planning guaranteed the right consultants in the right assignments.

4. Custom right-to-hire program built just for the client has resulted in over 50% of our consultants accepting offers in the last 5 years.


March 12, 2018


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