BA Competency Assessment


During their largest system implementation in decades, our client, and international financial products retailer, asked their Operations Analysts to perform the role and assume the responsibilities of Business Analysts.

Unfortunately, these resources were not trained in gathering business requirements, managing stakeholder needs and expectations, or working with technology partners. This put delivery of the new system—designed to manage customers, contracts, and claims adjudication—in jeopardy.

Our client experienced unending delays, unmet expectations, and repeating system defects, while costs skyrocketed. These project roadblocks were traced back to poor business requirements—a symptom of unskilled Business Analysts.

Wanting the best help they could find, our client turned to ThreeBridge to implement a Business Analysis competency within their Operations group. This competency was designed to improve job performance and role clarity, as well as build career paths within a high turnover area of the company.

As a result of the increase in Business Analysis competency, the project would gain traction, reduce defects, and deliver the business value our client was looking for.


4 Team Members – Design and Rollout Phases

  1. Strategy Lead: ThreeBridge Principal Consultant with 20+ years of experience in BA centers of excellence and practices.
  2. Training Lead: Professional trainer with PM and BA training expertise across multiple industries.
  3. BA Mentor: BA coach positioned on-site for 6 months, including a 90-day warrantee period following assessment and training.
  4. Coordinator: Dedicated program resource provided all coordination, project controls, and acted as liaison between new BA Center and existing employees.


5-Year Roadmap



The team built clear short and long-term goals and objectives to gain support for their efforts. Demonstrating the value of a competency center through this roadmap became a major reason for the project’s success.

Sample deliverables:

  • Current-state assessment
  • Fit & gap analysis
  • Project design and plan, resource schedule, budgets
  • Existing resource conversion
  • Changes to recruiting and training for new resources in years 2-5
  • Early performance metrics
  • Success metrics for overall effort, including retention rate, promotion rate, and strength of BA competency



Business Analyst Job Family

Most importantly, ThreeBridge helped to create a job family within the client that led to role clarity, and career paths in a high turnover area of the company.

Performance of the BA function showed immediate improvement, and recruitment into the role increased.




Training and Development Map

We assessed existing curriculum, added 75% new material, and built a training and development roadmap that all new BAs traveled on the way to becoming certified.












Mentorship Program

Immediate changes in tools and training created performance uplift, but sustained improvement was equally important. To help new BAs understand their role, and continue highlighting the importance to the organization, senior leaders volunteered to participate in a mentorship program.

These mentors continue to provide context and encouragement for members of the BA competency center, and increase organizational visibility to the importance of the BA function. Our client cites this is one of the primary reasons for the success of the new competency center.


Feedback Channels 

As the function responsible for gathering requirements and building solutions, Business Analysts must remain in tune and nimble to the changing needs of their organization. We designed feedback channels to ensure the competency center was able to adapt quickly. These included monthly leadership reports, quarterly performance reviews (including key BA metrics), and annual design sessions.




Performance Improvement

Both immediate and long-term results were tracked by the client. Project efficiency  was improved, defects were reduced significantly, and overall stakeholder satisfaction scores increased.

To better understand the value of a strong Business Analysis practice, they investigated the reasons for those improved scores by asking about specific competencies.

Of the identified improvements, they grouped into four main categories, led overwhelmingly by an improvement in business requirements.


Workforce Uplift

80 percent (16 out of 20) of the initial group of BA converts is still in the organization more than two years later. Of those, 50 percent (8) have been promoted to Senior Business Analyst, while others have moved laterally into other project roles.

New Business Analysts are being hired into and trained by the BA Competency Center, which has reduced the client’s reliance on consultant BAs—saving money in the long run and building meaningful careers for their own employees


April 5, 2018


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